12 juli 2015

#320. David har ordet…

”For numerous reasons (which i regret I cannot enumerate here), it is absolutely essential to theology that there is nothing arbitrary or accidental in the relation of the identity of Jesus of Nazareth to that of the eternal Logos. Jesus is not an avatar of the Logos, a mask the Son assumes in a transient or extrinsic fashion, or a part he plays in some grand cosmic charade. When God becomes man, this is the man he becomes — and there can be no other. That is why it is silly to ask the questions that bad theologians, or casual catechists, or well-meaning Sunday School teachers have sometimes felt moved to ask: whether the Son might have been incarnate as someone else — as a Viking, or a Nigerian, or a woman, or simply another first-century Jew. The Logos, when he divests himself of his divine glory, is this man; between this finite historical individual and the eternal and infinite Son of God there is no caesura. Jesus is not a manifestation of the Son, but the Son in his only true human form.”

  • Hart, David Bentley, 2007: The Angel at the Ford of Jabbok. I: In The Aftermath; Provocations and Laments. Eerdmans Publishing Co.: Grand Rapids. S. 168.

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