11 juli 2013

#129. Karl har ordet...

"The Reformation in its original intention begins with revelation, with the Word, and with faith. It is thoroughly unpedagogical. It does not begin with human interests, among which emerges finally, ultimately, and as the highest point, the interest in God; rather, it begins with God's interest in the human person. It does not show the way that the human should seek and follow, but rather, the way that God has already found to him. It is impractical: It demands of humans either too much or too little, depending on one's view. In terms of its intention, it is very difficult if not impossible for it to integrate itself into what humans otherwise want. With its conception of life it stands there like an erratic block between the splendor of of the medieval and the not less splendid modern consciousness. It proclaims that the human is not the measure of all things, least of all Christianity, and positions him before the reality of God. The Reformation is only truly itself in this battle position. One must, in fact, say that it lived from that conflict." (Barth s. 208)

  • Barth, Karl, 2005: The Theology of the Reformed Confessions. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press. Utg. på tyska av Theologischer Verlag Zürich 1998. (Barth gav föreläsningarna i Göttingen sommaren 1923.)

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