31 januari 2015

#285. Teologiskt uppvaknande...

US American author John Updike, giving us some insight on Barth's theological awakening:

"Barth admits that ‘By a miracle of foolishness it is possible to think of God as not existing. But only by this miracle. Anselm had certainly not reckoned with this.’ There is, then, a difference between the modern and medieval theologian--the theologian of crisis and the theologian without a sense of crisis. They are separated by nine centuries in which the miracle of disbelief has so often recurred that to call it a miracle seems an irony. The gap between *credere* and *intelligere* across which Anselm slung his syllogism has grown so broad that only Jahweh’s unappealing imperatives can span it. . . . The Christian believer, awakening from the medieval dream wherein the Church and state, faith and science, thoughts and things seem to merge, has been restored with a vengeance to his primitive desperation."

Review of Barth’s Anselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectumin Assorted Prose (1962): 218-19.

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