25 december 2016

#445. Juldagen…

Lord our God, you have humbled yourself, that we may be exalted. You became poor, that we may become rich. You came to us, that we may come to you. You became a human being like us, that we may drawn into participation in your eternal life: All this from your free, undeserved grace; all of this in your dear Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are gathered here, in view of this mystery and wonder, to pray to you, praise you, and to proclaim and hear your Word. But we know that we cannot do these things under our own power, that it is you who free us to lift our hearts and thoughts to you. So we ask you to come now into our midst! Show us and open to us the path to you through your Holy Spirit, so that we may see with our own eyes your light that has come into the world, in order that our lives may indeed be witnesses to you. Amen.

  • Barth, Karl, 2008: Fifty Prayers. Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press. S 9.

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