28 december 2016

#447. Antisemitism på riksnivå...


"Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom flew to Israel in December despite being forewarned that no Israeli officials would meet with her. Wallstrom, whose consistently one-sided criticism of the Jewish State has outraged Israelis, said she wanted to meet with Palestinian and Israeli leaders to advance peace prospects, but Jerusalem refused to meet with her. Commenting on the violence in Israel of knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists, and measures taken by Israeli police in their wake during the so-called 'Knifing Intifada', Wallstrom, called for an investigation into what she called 'extra-judicial killings' by Israeli police.

Shocked by her remarks, Israeli Minister of Infrastructure, Yuval Steinitz, noted that Wallstrom singled out Israel for investigation but avoided calling out other nations - including the U.S., Russia and France - which also kill terrorists. Steinitz also pointed out that that Sweden has produced more Islamic State volunteers that any other European country. Relations between Israel and Sweden plummeted last year after Wallstrom attributed the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a major reason for growing Islamist radicalism. A year earlier, shortly after taking the helm of her country’s Foreign Ministry, Wallstrom recognized ‘Palestine’ as a state."

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  1. Bra att du lyfter fram detta. Ibland kan bilden som presenteras av Wallström bli lite ensidig men det finns ju ett israeliskt perspektiv också - tack för att du lyfter fram det.