9 mars 2016

#370. Miroslav har ordet…

"Those who profess Christian faith should feel no urge to abide in the asylum of minds stripped of all tradition. To be a Christian means to be attached to a community and be shaped by its beliefs and practices. To learn what justice is, a Christian theologian will not seek to join Descartes and spend ’the whole day shut up in a room heated by an enclosed stove' meditating on her ’own thoughts.’ […] Instead, the place where she will learn about justice is the community called the church. The object of her meditation will be the biblical traditions and the beliefs and practices of saints and sinners. Christian thought on justice is rooted in the fiery protests of the prophets and in the engaged reflection of apostles. It derives from the whole narrative of God’s dealing with humanity, a narrative which is particularly dense at the point where Jesus Christ enters that small country under Roman occupation, proclaims and enacts the coming reign of God, is crucified by the Romans, and resurrected by God."

  • Volf, Miroslav, 1996: Exclusion & Embrace. Nashville: Abingdon Press. S. 208.

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