9 maj 2015

#307. David har ordet…

”If one wants to convince others of the justness of one´s views of anything, perhaps one ought to proceed in as moderate and cautious a manner as one can. But, then again, perhaps one occasionally should not; some ideas are simply evil, and the persons who conceive them somewhat depraved, and there may be something rather disgraceful in an unwillingness to say so. At other times, of course, an idea or thinker is not evil or depraved, but merely silly or sanctimonious; and in these cases also a certain robustness in one´s rhetoric is not necessarily a discreditable thing.”

David Bentley Hart

  • Hart, David Bentley, 2007: In The Aftermath; Provocations and Laments. Eerdmans Publishing Co.: Grand Rapids. Introduction S xi.

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