29 oktober 2013

#171. Karl har ordet...

"I even had to oppose my dear friend Hans Iwand, who in important respects is far superior to me. He gave a lecture, in which he said with the great weight that only he can command, that I advocated a concentration of the whole of theology on christology! I was asked to give my opinion, so I said, 'Sometimes I don't like the word christology very much. It's not a matter of christology, nor even on christocentricity and a christological orientation, but of Christ himself. Any preoccupation with christology – and I have been preoccupied a little with that – can only be a critical help towards coming to the point where we may have the experience of the disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration: "They saw no one, but Jesus alone."'" (Karl Barth citerad av Busch)

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