21 maj 2014

#254. Martin har ordet…

”He thus shows with certainty that the preaching of the Gospel is not an eternal, lasting, static doctrine, but like a moving shower of rain which strikes what it strikes and misses what it misses. Nor does it return nor halt, but is followed by the sunshine and warmth which lick it up, etc. Hence our experience that in no place in the world has the Gospel remained pure and simple beyond a man’s memory, but has stood and increased so long as those have remained who brought it, and its light has gone out when they themselves passed on, being succeeded at once by schismatic and false teachers.”

(Luther, citerad av Barth)

  • Barth, Karl, 2009: Church Dogmatics; I.1 The Doctrine of the Word of God. New York: T&T Clark. (Utg på tyska av Theologischer Verlag Zürich, 1932-1938.) S 45-46; KD S 49. (Luther, Fastenpostille, 1525, W.A. 1711, 178, 28.)

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