10 mars 2014

#220. Karl har ordet...

"His Word is Jesus Christ, for God's Word is God´s mediation between Himself and man which He has willed and effected Himself. Everything which takes place between God and man, from creation to consummation, takes place in the power of this mediation and thus in the power of the Word of God, working to and fro, covering heaven and earth, time and eternity. This mediation and thus God´s Word, however is none other than the Mediator, 'the one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus' (1 Tim 2:5).

So God loved the world, mankind; therein becomes clearly visible that both our origin and our final goal are in God: that He willed to give Himself to the world in His Son and that He did so, and that in His Son He is the world´s for all eternity. By doing this, He said to the world everything which He had to say to it and everything which it has to hear from Him. There is no more He can do for it than to say this and let this be heard, and it can expect no more from Him now that He has done this unexpected thing for it. For what He said to the world there, and what the world was there given to hear, is neither more nor less than Himself in all the fulness of His existence and in all the perfection of the glory of all His works.

In His Son He became Himself the revealed secret of our existence. In His Son, He is, reveals Himself, and acts as He is in Himself. In His Son He demonstrates His might, establishes His righteousness, and exercises His mercy. In His Son, to sum it up, His whole action is holy, wise, and glorious, without breach or weakness, without error or contradiction. In His Son He is completely Himself and completely for and with us. The fulness of the power of the mediation between Him and us which He has willed and worked, the sufficiency of His Word lie in the fact that the power of His only begotten Son is the power of God´s eternal divinity."

  • Barth, Karl, 2009: God Here and Now. New York: Routledge. S. 14-15. (Utg. på tyska 1964 av Theologischer Verlag Zürisch. Utg. på engelska 1964 av Routledge & Kegan Paul.)

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