14 mars 2014

#222. Orosfyllda tider...

"We stand today in horror before the phenomenon of a Europe, a so-called Christian Europe, which is threatened with the loss of its humanity. The problem lies not with those forces which would take its humanity away and would lead it into chaos. The problem lies in the fact that Europe itself has chosen not to decide, that it does not dare to choose and thereby has chosen evil, which means it has chosen inhumanity. But honest choice and decision, and thus a decision for humanity, exist only as the decision of faith, and the decision for faith, in turn, exists only under the sovereignty of God´s Word.

How has it come about that Europe has not been better instructed by the Christian Church concerning the sovereignty of God´s Word, and thereby seems to know so little about the decision of faith and a resolute decision for humanity? Is it that the Christian Church itself knows too little of the sovereignty of God´s Word? And therefore itself too little of the decision of faith? It is more essential today than ever, for the sake of the Church of Jesus Christ as well as for the just State, to ask, seek and knock: Veni creator spiritus!" (Karl Barth, 1939)

  • Barth, Karl, 2009: God Here and Now. New York: Routledge. S. 32-33. (Utg. på tyska 1964 av Theologischer Verlag Zürisch. Utg. på engelska 1964 av Routledge & Kegan Paul.)

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