21 december 2013

#199. Christmas 1962...

"Dear Lord God, you tell us to wait and hasten, keeping our eyes on that great and perfect day when to save us you appeared in the world, among us men, among your people, in our hearts and in our lives. We do not look out into the void, when we look towards this day of eternal light. You have already brought about its dawning by being born as the weak, yet almighty, baby Jesus and becoming our fellow man. And soon now we may celebrate Christmas once more and remember the dawning of your great day.

Allow us—no, help us—to come, grant that on this last Sunday in Advent we may once more consider, think over and look at the way in which we should approach you in the right spirit, since there is now no doubt that you will appear. We ask this so that afterwards our Christmas celebration may not be a mere empty sham, but a bright, serious and joyful meeting with you.

We need to be roused and set going before we embark on such thoughts for the days before Christmas. But only you yourself can induce us to do this in all seriousness. So we pray you not to leave us alone in this hour, but to be present in you might. We call to you in the words you have placed on the lips through your son: Our Father..."

  • Barth, Karl, 1967: Call for God. Bristol: SCM Press. S. 67. (utg. på tyska 1965, Rufe Mich An! av Evangelisher Verlag AG Zürich, övers. till engelska av A.T. Mackay.)

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